EYLF Training Course

The EYLF describes each principles, practice and outcome that are essential for supporting and enhancing children’s learning and has a strong emphasis on play-based learning. Training staff in the EYLF is critical to improving outcomes for early learning settings. Training your team to be confident to use the EYLF and implement, reflect and be critically aware is essential.


EYLF Training Course

The EYLF Training Course is an 18 week online course. The course has been designed to engage day care, home based and school educators in the Early Years Framework. Each week educators watch a short video by Ruthie. There are 18 online videos in total that cover each Principle, Practice and Learning Outcome as prescribed by the EYLF.

Each video contains helpful practical elements you can include and introduce in your early learning setting. These practical hints will see you and your team implementing each indicator of the Early Years Learning Framework.


EYLF Training Weekly Reflection

Each week as you watch and learn from the EYLF online training there is a download that you print off. This EYLF download is designed for you to take what you have learnt and reflect on your current practice. As well as reflecting you are encouraged to jot down how you can improve in regards to each of the EYLF Principles, Practices and EYLF Learning Outcomes.

By the end of the 18 week online EYLF Training you will not only have a greater understanding regarding the EYLF but you will also have a plan to work towards within your early learning setting. Each week there will be take away ideas that you and your team can implement straight away.

EYLF Training Course Outline

There are 18 easy to understand EYLF training videos. These videos are designed for the youngest members of the team to be able to understand. They are visual in nature and designed to give practical take away ideas. Caregivers who are young and just embarking on their early childhood careers will be able to join in discussions and understand each element within the Early Years Learning Framework.

Here is the EYLF Training Outline

  1. EYLF Overview and Introduction
  2. EYLF Principle #1 Secure, Respectful & Reciprocal Relationships
  3. EYLF Principle #2 Family Partnerships
  4. EYLF Principle #3 Expectations & Equity
  5. EYLF Principle #4 Respect for Diversity
  6. EYLF Principle #5 Reflection
  7. EYLF Practice #1 Holistic Approaches
  8. EYLF Practices #2 Responsiveness to Children
  9. EYLF Practices #3 Learning through Play
  10. EYLF Practices #4 Intentional Teaching
  11. EYLF Practices #5 Environments
  12. EYLF Practices #6 Cultural Competence
  13. EYLF Practices #7 Continuity of Learning & Transitions
  14. EYLF Practices #8 Assessment
  15. EYLF Learning Outcome #1 Sense of Identity
  16. EYLF Learning Outcome #2 Well Being
  17. EYLF Learning Outcome #3 Connected & Contributing
  18. EYLF Learning Outcome #4 Confident & Competent Learners
  19. EYLF Learning Outcome #5 Effective Communicators

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