EYLF Resources

As part of the EYLF Training you will get access to 18 online videos that will take you through each Practice, Principle and Learning Outcome. Each week administrators and educators will have a printable download that can be printed off and reflected upon.

Based on the online video teams can reflect on current practice and also write down what can be done in practical terms to see their early learning setting progress and understand the Early Years Learning Framework.

By the end of the EYLF training educators will have a greater understanding regarding what is involved with the EYLF . Importantly teams together have discussed each element. Fostering a culture where every member is important and their ideas fostered, encouraged and valued.
In essence what educators are providing for they are implementing on a team level. Educators are encouraged to build relationships with one another, reflect on practice in an ongoing and informative manner.
This in turn fosters curriculum decisions and teaching practice that is discussed and based on the current children and needs pertinent to each unique situation.
As part of the EYLF Training you will also get access to our EYLF Resources.

EYLF Training Resources

As part of the EYLF online training you will also receive access to EYLF resources created by Ruthie. These resources are designed to help administrators and educators with EYLF programming as well as planning. 

EYLF Planner

The EYLF Planner is designed for educators to consider what learning outcomes are being covered weekly. It allows educators to highlight and reflect on learning and weekly interests of children.

The EYLF Planner is a document used for planning your week. Each year you will get a new planner to download – from January – December you are covered! You can keep up to date with your planning as the interests and learning needs of the children progress and develop over the whole year.

EYLF Learning Stories

These are editable and provide a template for educators to fill in. Educators are encouraged to observe and write their learning stories in context.

EYLF Learning Stories are a great way to show parents the importance of play within the early childhood context. This resource helps educators to focus on being with the children and engaging with them rather than at a desk designing things!

EYLF Posters

Displaying the EYLF in your early learning setting is a great way to help educators to be mindful of the Early Years Learning Framework

These EYLF Posters are designed to print off, laminate or display. The can also be printed off for your EYLF programming file.

EYLF Outcome Cards

Helping parents to see what their children are learning and communicating your educational goals for the children is powerful.

EYLF Outcome Cards are great printed as photos. You can display them around your room or use them as you are planning. Sometimes seeing and feeling the outcomes as you plan is very helpful!EYLF Learning Stories

To see all EYLF Resources your will get along with the 18 Week Online EYLF Training Course – Click Here…

 EYLF Resources

My resources are designed to save the educator time. Documenting and planning for the children in your care are all available for you with a special Starskills Club Premium Membership area.

EYLF Curriculum Plans & Resource Packs

It is important as children show interests that you are able to go with the flow! These packs will help you. I have spent 1000’s of hours creating these for members with more being added!

Resources for your Room

Whether it is getting organised or getting your room ready then these helpful early learning resources are designed to be printed and laminated.

Play Resources

The early learning room should be filled with many opportunities for children to be engaged in quality play. Sometimes there are financial constraints in developing play centers – these resources are designed to get children playing! With more play ideas being added here are just a few…

Play Days

Partnering with parents, carers and your community is a beautiful way to help children to share their early learning setting. Over the years I have loved inviting parents to our play days. All you have to do is send out the invitation and the work is done for you!

Literacy Resources

There are a number of Literacy resources aimed at developing children’s phonemic awareness skills, letters and reading skills.

Numeracy Resources

There are a number of Numeracy resources aimed at developing children’s one to one correspondence, counting, number identification and more…..

Songs Resources

I love to sing and have a few of my favourites here..

  • Number Song
  • Pack Away Song

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EYLF Online Training Course

The EYLF Training Course is an 18 week online course. The course has been designed to engage day care, home based and school educators in the Early Years Framework. Each week educators watch a short video by Ruthie. There are 18 online videos in total that cover each Principle, Practice and Learning Outcome as prescribed by the EYLF.

Each week watch an online video and reflect were you are and make a plan to see what needs to be implemented to improve practive and develop a greater understanding.
  1. EYLF Overview and Introduction
  2. EYLF Principle #1 Secure, Respectful &Reciprocal Relationships
  3. EYLF Principle #2 Family Partnerships
  4. EYLF Principle #3 Expectations & Equity
  5. EYLF Principle #4 Respect for Diversity
  6. EYLF Principle #5 Reflection
  7. EYLF Practice #1 Holistic Approaches
  8. EYLF Practices #2 Responsiveness to Children
  9. EYLF Practices #3 Learning through Play
  10. EYLF Practices #4 Intentional Teaching
  11. EYLF Practices #5 Environments
  12. EYLF Practices #6 Cultural Competence
  13. EYLF Practices #7 Continuity of Learning & Transitions
  14. EYLF Practices #8 Assessment
  15. EYLF Learning Outcome #1 Sense of Identity
  16. EYLF Learning Outcome #2 Well Being
  17. EYLF Learning Outcome #3 Connected & Contributing
  18. EYLF Learning Outcome #4 Confident & Competent Learners
  19. EYLF Learning Outcome #5 Effective Communicators

To see all EYLF Resources your will get along with the 18 Week Online EYLF Training Course – Click Here…